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Our "RV Online Auctions" can save you thousands. Take a look at our trailer auctions on the Bighorn RV fifth wheel trailer, Montana RV fifth wheel trailer, Cougar RV fifth wheel trailers, Mountaineer RV 5th wheel trailers or Sundance RV fifth wheel trailers then call us on any of are many RV brands. Looking for RV toy haulers consider the Cyclone RV toy hauler fifth wheel, Fuzion RV toy hauler fifth wheel or Raptor RV toy hauler fifth wheel trailer for sale on our web site or auction. Don't wait for the RV auction to end, why take the chance that you will lose your new RV to someone else. RV manufactures offer us special discount savings on a limited number of RV trailers and we sell out fast. RV buyers travel from around the world to buy at RV dealer wholesale prices. Let our RV delivery service ship your RV right to your door and experience prices your local RV dealer won't offer you.

Top 10 Reasons To Choose RVsalePrices.com
1. Lowest price guarantee!
2. We offer a customer orientation upon        delivery.
3. We provide personal attention to service        before and after the sale.
4. The lowest shipping rates with to your door service.
5. Financing is available for U.S. & Canadian customers.
6. RV broker transactions-Trusted and reliable brokers.
7. Large selection of in stock RV's.
8. We accept trades and offer return shipping.
9. Let us custom order a RV at big discounts!
10. Over 21 years experience in the RV industry.

RV Delivery Is Available Worldwide
Our ability to provide RV towing and trailer shipping no matter where you’re located allows us to provide you with a level of service unmatched in the RV trailer industry. The RV delivery companies that provide RV transportation are insured to protect your new RV trailer. Learn More Here

Lakeshore RV Owns Its Own Shipping Compnay

So what does that mean for you the buyer?

Complete transaction from start to finish.
Personal attention.
Lowest shipping/delivery rates with door to door service.
Delivery available within 24hrs to 10days.
Fully insured to your door.
Customer orientation upon delivery.
Delivery documents for broker free of charge
RV broker transactions-Trusted and reliable brokers.
Lowest brokerage fees.

Financing Available For US & Canadian Customers
Interested in buying an RV from one of our sales staff? This can be accomplished by telephone or over the Internet. The RV sales specialist will handle your purchase and delivery. Our sales staff has experience shipping thousands of RVs nationally and internationally.
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See What People Are Saying About Us
Buying an RV should be a fun experience. We want to make this experience something you will want to share with your friends, family and fellow campers. When you're sitting by the campfire in your new RV whether it's a trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler we want to be part of creating a memory for you and your family.

Take a moment and see what our customers have to say about their RV buying experience! We will guarantee you the best price but more then that with our complete prep, delivery and inspection process we make sure your 5th wheel, trailer or toy hauler is ready for your camping vacation.
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