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Canada MapEagleWe are a U.S. based RV dealership.  We offer Canadian financing thru Canadian RV dealers based out of Canada. Work with a dealer who specializes in saving Canadian customers thousands.  The brokerage, transport and financing is as easy as 1, 2, 3.



Interested borrowers discuss their finance needs with an RV Specialist. This can be accomplished by telephone or over the Internet. The RV sales specialist assesses each borrower´s needs on an individual basis, based on the RV they select. The sales associate delivers a loan application for the borrower to complete. A deposit is taken on the RV they select to purchase. (Deposits are refundable if financing is denied.)
Loan applicants submit a completed loan application. The loan applicant can be completed online. The Canadian dealer reviews the borrower’s credit profile and debt ratio and considers the value of the travel trailer or fifth wheel being financed. This process is generally completed within two business day.
Upon approval, The Canadian dealer will contact you to discuss your interest rates and loan terms to structure your loan to me your needs.
A Canadian finance dealer prepares the loan closing documents. The loan documents are delivered to you, either by parcel delivery or a closing is set to sign in person. Once the signed RV loan documents are delivered back to the Canadian finance company, the loan is funded and the loan proceeds are disbursed to the appropriate parties.
Immediately after the loan settlement, delivery or pickup is scheduled. The final title and registration are processed by the broker.
The RV can ship right to your home, border or depending on your location to one of the Canadian dealers we work with.

The process to buying your new RV is simple and the savings will shock you.

 We offer fast, honest and reliable services to all our American and Canadian customers
Hello my name is John Sobczak and I have been selling and financing RV's for over 20 years. We value each customer and offer personalized service. Please call or email me with any questions.
Simplicity and the highest level of customer service in the industry. We have decades of experience, which means superior customer service and the ideal loan for your travel trailer, fifth wheel or toy hauler. Finance with a Canadian finance dealer and be rewarded with:

canadian moneycanadian flap over map• Fast & Easy Approval with No Application Fees
• Easy Internet Loan Application for RV financing.
• Zero down payment for qualified RV customers.
• Competitive Rates & Terms on RV loans up to 20 years.
• RV broker transactions
• Extended Warranty Services in Canada.

Call us at 1-231-740-6225 to help you find the RV financing program suitable for you! Applying for RV Financing has never been easier. A quick and simple online loan application is secure and fast. RV's should never be financed without a RV warranty, regardless of whether you are buying a new or used recreational vehicle. Protect your investment. Peace of Mind is knowing you have that extra protection.

SAMPLE DOCUMENTS - Below is a sample of the document process. Click on any image to view a larger sample.

Step 1
STEP 1 - View image
Apply for a loan and complete a loan application.
Step 2
STEP 2 - View Image
Purchase agreements for Canadian Customs.
Step 3
STEP 3 - View Image
Recall clearance letter for Canadian Customs border crossing

Step 4
STEP 4 - View Image
MSO or Original Title assigned to buyer.
Step 5
STEP 5 - View Image
Form 1 to pay GST taxes. Take form 2 to Canadian Tire for inspection and registration.
Step 6
STEP 6 - View Image
Customs Delivery Authority- Authorization to deliver you RV.

***By applying, applicant(s) understands that a credit report may be requested. Your credit report may show inquiries from various Canadian banks . If you currently have delinquent accounts and believe your credit score is below 700 we would recommend calling us first before filling out an application. We do not guarantee any customer any loan; however we will work with you to the best of our ability. Each applicant is viewed and approved on a case by case basis. No guarantees of approval are expressed or implied.

Bank rates source: Exchange Rates
Canadian Testimonials

Testimonial 1
John sobczak was great to work with. He was willing and able to customize our trailer to what we wanted. He was quick to reply to any questions or concerns we had. Pdi was done inside like we wanted; anything we had concerns with was taken care of right away. The price was good and service was great. Very impressed with our 3850 cyclone, appearance, quality, and cleanliness.

Medicine Hat, AB - Canada

Testimonial 2
We are so pleased with you and your dealership. John, we were never sure what to expect but you all friendly and trustworthy. You have made buying our new 5th wheel an awesome experience.

Surrey, BC - Canada

Testimonial 3
The same trailer would have cost me 15,000 more in Canada. 6 days on the road was more than worth it for that kind of saving. I would definitely come back again.

Kelowna, BC - Canada

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